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Rain Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Rain Day

The students will locate different cities/states on a map and use cardinal directions for describing the location of the city/state. 


  • A list of the cities and their average rainfalls used in the Math Lesson.

  • A map of the United States (or the region used in the math lesson.)



  1. Once the Math Lesson has been completed, give each pair of students a card with the name of a city and its average rainfall written on it which was used in the math lesson.  

  2. Discuss the map that will be used in the lesson.  Where is the students' home city/state?  Which way is north, south, east and west?

  3. Have each pair of students approach the map and locate the city (or just the state) for each card.  Is the city/state north, south, east or west from where the students live?


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Locate rainforests on a world map.  Use the following links for information and maps on rainforests: Rainforest Live or Children's Tropical Rainforests.

  2. Locate regions on a map which are prone to flooding and regions which are prone to draughts.  Use the following links for information on floods and draughts: FEMA For Kids and Forces of Nature.  How do floods and draughts affect people, animals, and agriculture?

  3. Have a lesson on monsoons and locate where they occur on a world map.  There are monsoons in India, Thailand, Mexico, as well as Arizona!  Use the following links for help: The Arizona Monsoon, Forces of Nature, and The Mexican Monsoon.


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