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Rain Day

Art Lesson
for Rain Day

The students will create rainy day pictures using a crayon resist technique.


  • Paper

  • Crayons

  • Water Color Paints



  1. Have the students make a crayon drawing of a rainy day scene.  Instruct them to color in the picture quite hard and to not draw in any rain falling (the falling rain will be done in water color.)

  2. Once the students have completed the crayon portion of their art work, they may then add in the "rain" with the water color paint.  Black and white mixed together will make a gray rain, or they may choose to use blues for the rain.  Encourage the students to experiment putting "rain" on the crayon parts of their pictures, as well as the plain parts.  They may want to add puddles and rainbows as well.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students create figures of themselves out of clay.  Give each student an umbrella (one of the small drink umbrellas) to put in the hand of their figure.

  2. Create a whole class mural.  The students should draw pictures of themselves on a "rainy day" mural.  They should then create an umbrella out of any variety of art material to be placed in the hand of their picture.  Art materials may include: baking cups, torn paper, pieces of fabric, pipe cleaners, etc.

  3. Give each student two large pieces of paper cut in the shape of rain boots.  Have the students decorate their rain boots in whatever materials they desire.

  4. Give each student a large piece of paper in the shape of an umbrella.  Using a wide variety of materials, have the students decorate their umbrellas.



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