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Rain Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Rain Day

The students will put words in alphabetical order.


  • Pieces of paper cut in the shape of raindrops.  These only need to be big enough for the students to write one word on them.

  • Any fiction or nonfiction book about rain.  (See the Rain Home Page for suggestions.)

  • Tape

  • Rain Words Worksheet (for older students)


  1. Read the chosen book to the students.  The purpose of the book is to set the tone and help the students start thinking of words which are associated with rain.

  2. Give each student a raindrop shaped paper.

  3. Have the students write one word on the raindrop which is associated with rain.  They may use what they remember from the story as one of their words, or think of a word on their own.  Younger students may need some help in thinking of words.  Some examples may be wet, boots, umbrella, sprinkle, etc.

  4. Once the students have written a word on their raindrops, work as a class to put the raindrop words in alphabetical order.  Tape the raindrops on the wall in the correct order, as if they are falling from the ceiling.  (The words at the beginning of the alphabet will be closest to the ceiling, and the words at the end of the alphabet will be closest to the floor.)

  5. For reinforcement, older students may complete the Rain Words Worksheet.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have a lesson on position words, such as on, in, over, under, etc.  All these words can be related to where rain fell.

  2. Have a phonics lesson on the -ai sound.

  3. The students may write real or fictional stories for what they like to do on rainy days.  Use some of the books on the Rain Home Page for starting points.

  4. Use the Language Arts Lesson for Cloud Day and have the students write weather reports.

  5. The students may brainstorm words which depict sounds of rain or thunderstorms.  For example, pitter-patter, drip, crash, rumble, etc.  Introduce the term onomatopoeia. The following link may be helpful: onomatopoeia.  Think of other words which depict sound.

  6. Brainstorm other things April Showers bring (besides May flowers.)  For example, muddy boots, puddles, etc.


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