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Tooth Day

Science Lesson
for Tooth Day

The students will observe the effects soda has on an egg shell and relate it to the effects on teeth.




  1. Show the students the egg and the container of dark soda.

  2. Have the students fill out the Egg Prediction Worksheet for what they think will happen to the egg when it sits in the soda.

  3. Let it sit for a few hours and then take the egg out and discuss what has happened to the shell.

  4. Explain to the students that an egg shell is similar to a tooth and can absorb sugars and become discolored.

  5. Have the students complete their worksheet with what actually happened and whether their prediction was correct.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Do some research on different animals and the types of teeth they have based on their diet.

  2. Discuss the different parts of a tooth: root, crown, enamel, dentin, pulp, cementum.  Have the students label the parts of the tooth on the Parts of a Tooth Worksheet.

  3. Discuss tooth healthy snacks.

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