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Tooth Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Tooth Day

The students will write instructions for the proper way to brush their teeth.




  1. Read the book or have an open discussion about how to brush teeth.  Tell the students that an alien from another planet has landed (who happens to have teeth) and he needs a lesson in how to brush them properly.

  2. Brainstorm with the students the steps that would need to be written down so the alien would know how to brush his teeth.  For example, turning on the water, putting the toothpaste on the brush, using a circular motion on all teeth for at least 2 minutes, rinsing with water, etc.

  3. Pass out the worksheets and have the children write the steps for proper brushing.  The age of the students will dictate whether they do this independently or copy the steps off the class list which was made.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Write letters to the tooth fairy.

  2. Give the story starter "One night the tooth fairy woke me up and asked me to fill in for her for the rest of the night..." or "One day I heard voices coming from the inside of my head.  Boy, was I surprised when I realized my teeth were talking to me!"

  3. Have the student write accounts of how they lost one of their teeth (or make up an exciting way they would like to lose a tooth.)  Have the style of writing mimic that of a newspaper article.  Read some short newspaper articles to relay the style of news report writing.  They must think of a headline, i.e. "Boy Loses Tooth in Carmel Apple!"

  4. Do a phonics lesson on the "oo" sound.

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