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Banana Day

If possible, have each student bring a banana to school on banana day, or have them wear yellow to school.  If this is not possible, then you may want to bring in a bunch of bananas yourself for activities and discussions.

www.chiquitakids.com - Has information, games, and recipes all pertaining to bananas.

www.dole.com  - Has information, games, and classroom activities pertaining to the "5 a Day" program.

Banana Recipes - Yummy!!

Bonkers About Bananas - This site has good information on banana plants as well as the banana journey from  plantation to supermarket.

Anna Banana: 101 Jump-Rope Rhymes by Joanna Cole.
This book is referred to in the Movement Lesson for jumping rope.

Bananas! by Jacqueline Farmer.
A fun nonfiction book with lots of information, recipes, jokes, and songs.

Bananas by Elaine Landau.
A nonfiction book with factual information on bananas, how they are grown, and how they get to market.

Bitter Bananas by Isaac Olaleye.
The story of an African boy who sets a trap to try and stop baboons from stealing his palm sap.  The trap includes lacing bananas with wormwood.

The Day the Teacher Went Bananas by James Howe.
What happens when your substitute teacher is a gorilla?

I Want My Banana! Quiero Mi Platano! by Mary Risk and Rosa Martin.
An I Can Read Spanish book with a simple story about a monkey and his desire for a banana.

The Turtle and the Monkey by Paul Galdone.
A story about a greedy monkey and his struggle with a wise turtle over a banana plant.

What's For Lunch?...Banana by Pam Robson.
A nonfiction book with lots of good information and real life pictures of banana plantations.

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