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Banana Day
Tooth Day

Banana Day

Art Lesson
for Banana Day

The students will create a "banana split" using various art supplies. (This banana split will be based on the recipe they wrote in their language arts lesson.)


  • Various art supplies such as construction paper, cotton balls, yarn, scraps of fabric, paints, craft sticks, markers, crayons, etc.



  1. Have the students review their banana split recipes.

  2. Give them the art supplies and allow them to create their banana splits using these items.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Use real bananas or pictures of bananas to facilitate a discussion on shades of greens and yellows.  Have the students mix yellow and green paints with white to achieve various shades.  They can use their paint colors to paint cut out banana shapes.  They may also want to create shades of brown for any spots or bruises on the bananas.

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