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Banana Day
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Banana Day

Language Arts Lesson
for Banana Day

The students will write a recipe (either individually or as a class) for a banana split.


  • Banana Split Recipe Sheet (one for each student, if done individually)

  • A sample of a recipe showing the list of ingredients and the steps.



  1. Discuss the elements needed for writing a recipe.  Read an example of a simple recipe, including the ingredients and the steps for completing the dish.

  2. Either working as a class, or individually, have the students write a recipe for a banana split.  Allow them to be as creative as they would like to be.

  3. If time allows, have the students draw an illustration of their banana split and share their recipes with the class (see Art Lesson).

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Have the students write a Bb Story.  Use the Bb Story Worksheet.

  2. Give a story prompt of "One morning I awoke to discover I was a hungry little monkey..."

  3. Discuss homophones starting with the example of peel and peal.

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