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Ice Cream Day

ChildFun - Suggestions for activities, recipes, and fingerplays all revolving around ice cream.

Good Humor-Breyers Ice Cream Company - Contains some general FAQ's about ice cream.

Ice Cream Cones - Explains the controversy surrounding the invention of the ice cream cone.

Dreyer's - Meet an official "ice cream taster".  Learn what his job entails.

National Geographic Kids - A great article on ice cream and its history.

Ice Cream.Com - History and facts about ice cream.


Curious George Goes to an Ice Cream Shop by Margret Rey.
This lovable monkey ends up making a mess in an ice cream shop!

From Cow to Ice Cream by Bertram T. Knight.
A nonfiction book about the process of making ice cream.

From Milk to Ice Cream by Ali Mitgutsch.
A simple book describing the process of making ice cream.

Ice Cream by Elisha Cooper.
This is a great book which follows the steps of making ice cream from the cow to the final product.

Ice Cream by William Jaspersohn.
This book takes the reader on a tour of the Ben a Jerry's Ice Cream Factory.

Ice Cream by Jules Older.
A nonfiction book on how ice cream is made, as well as ice cream history.

The Ice Cream King by Greg McEvoy.
A young boy goes to "king school" and learns there are no job openings for "kings."  So he gets a job with an ice cream vendor as "The Ice Cream King".

Ice Cream Larry by Daniel Pinkwater.
A lovable polar bear becomes a famous representative of a big ice cream company!

Ice Cream Treats: The Inside Scoop by Paul Fleisher.
This nonfiction book follows the making of a variety of ice cream novelties.

Isaac the Ice Cream Truck by Scott Santoro.
An ice cream truck feels he isn't very important, until he has an important job one day!

Simply Delicious! by Margaret Mahy.
A father needs to get an ice cream cone home to his son before it melts.  However, in order to do this he has to evade a variety of jungle animals.

We All Scream for Ice Cream: The Scoop in America's Favorite Dessert by Lee Wardlaw.
A good reference book filled with information on ice cream.


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