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Gingerbread  Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Gingerbread Day

The students will make a map and give directions to help another student find a hidden object. 


  • Gingerbread Cut-Outs, 1 per student.

  • Map Worksheet



  1. Discuss how maps can help people find locations.  Brainstorm times when people use maps - when traveling, when visiting a new place (such as a zoo, museum, or store map), etc.

  2. Pass out the gingerbread cut-outs.  Put the students in pairs.  Have half of each pair leave the room while the remaining half hide their gingerbread men.  Repeat this process with the other half of the class.

  3. When all the class has returned to the room, have them draw a map of the room and write directions for where the gingerbread man is hidden.  Discuss parts of maps that are appropriate for your age group.  For example, including a key and using symbols for certain objects such as desks and windows.  Younger students may want to draw a map and then draw a line that leads to the object.  Very young students may want to eliminate the drawing and simply give verbal directions to their partner.  For example, "Walk towards the front of the room.  Turn towards the window.  Stop by the pencil sharpener, etc."  (These would also be similar directions to be written by older students, perhaps they would also use terms such as north and south or right and left.)


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Explore the history of gingerbread by using the following links: The History of Gingerbread or Annie's Gingerbread Page.

  2. If it is close to Christmas, go to The White House page and view the Christmas decorations at the White House.  (There is usually a gingerbread house on display.)  Expand the lesson to discuss where The White House is located, who lives there, etc.



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