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Flower Day

Social Studies Lesson
for Flower Day

The students will identify different states on a map of the United States.




  1. Have a discussion on the fact that each state has an identified "state flower."

  2. Using the aforementioned web site, identify different states and their flowers.  Read the background on how the flower came to be the state flower.  (Some of this information will need to be simplified for younger students.) 

  3. Pass out the State Flowers Worksheet and have the students complete the questions as a class.  

  4. Students may take turns identifying the states on a large classroom map.  Discuss where each state is located in relationship to their own state.


Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Similar to the above lesson, have a lesson on National Flowers.  These flowers can be found at National Flowers.  Locate the different countries on a world map.

  2. Identify flowers found in different climates/regions.  For example desert flowers and mountain flowers.  Information on desert flowers can be found at Desert Plants and Wildflowers.  Information and photographs of mountain flowers can be found at Mountain Flowers.  Locate these different regions on a map.



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