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Apple Day

Art Lesson
for Apple Day

The students will create apple trees using a variety of art mediums.


  • Brown and green tempera paint.

  • Red tissue paper.

  • Large pieces of white paper.

  • Apples cut in half.



  1. Help the students paint the palms of their hands and their forearms (almost to their elbows) with the brown paint.

  2. They will then make a print of their painted arms onto a large piece of paper.  This will create the trunk and the branches of their tree.

  3. Using apples cut in half (or quarters), have the students dip the apples in green paint and stamp them onto the branches of their trees to form the leaves.

  4. The students can then roll up small pieces of red tissue paper to form apples to glue on their trees.

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. Create designs from apple prints.  Have the students notice the star shape in the center of the apple.

  2. Make a large whole class apple tree.  This can be a large mural of an apple tree filled with apples.  The students can help paint a large tree and then design individual apples to hang on the tree.


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