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Sun Day

NinePlanets - Good background information on the sun.

KidsAstronomy - A site for kids with information on the solar system.

About the Sun - Questions and answers about the sun.

AstroKids - A great site for astronomy information geared towards kids.

StarChild - Another great site designed for kids.

The Space Place - Here are some questions and answers about the sun.

Energy form the Sun by Allan Fowler.
A nonfiction book about the energy produced by the sun.

Oliver's Wood by Sue Hendra.
An owl sees the sun for the first time and tries to explain it to his nocturnal friends.

Rupa Raises the Sun by Marsha Wilson Chall.
An old woman learns the sun will come up whether she helps the process or not.

S is for Sunshine: A Florida Alphabet Book by Carol Crane.
An alphabet book all about the state of Florida.  Good to use in a social studies lesson.

The Sun by Robin Kerrod.
A detailed reference book about the sun.

The Sun by Seymour Simon.
A nonfiction book about the sun.

The Sun by Niki Walker.
A good reference book about the sun.

The Sun: Our Closest Star by Franklyn M. Branley.
A great nonfiction book about the sun.  It includes two experiments at the end of the book.

Sun Bread by Elisa Kleven.
A delightful book about a canine baker baking a loaf of "sun bread" to brighten a gloomy day.  A recipe for sun bread is on the back of the book.

Sun Song by Jean Marzollo.
A simple rhyming book about the joy of the sun.

It is Sunny by Kelly Doudna.
A very simple nonfiction book about the sun.  Best for young children.

Sunny Day by Claire Henley.
A simple book about how a group of children spend a sunny day at the beach.

Under the Sun by Ellen Kandoian.
A story about how the sun rises and sets on opposite sides of the earth.  Good book to use in a geography or science lesson.

Welcome Back Sun by Michael Emberley.
The story of a Norwegian girl on a quest to see the sun during their "murky time" (the time in the winter when the sun does not shine.)

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