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Spider Day

The Young Entomologist Society - Information on spiders as well as insects.  Includes a Teachers' section.

Discovery.Com - Spiders! - Lots of good information and excellent photographs.

Arachnology for Kids - A list of links to other spider web sites.  (Some of the links are broken.)

Southwest Educational Development Laboratory - Spiders - A fantastic resource for lesson plans on spiders. 

I Love Spiders - Contains some spider songs, poetry, and links.

Science Learning Network - Information on how to make a "spider glider".

Bonus.Com - Leads to a page with basic information on spiders and their webs.

The Adventures of Spider: West African Folktales by Joyce Cooper Arkhurst.
Anansi stories, good for lessons on folktales.

Anansi Goes Fishing by Eric Kimmel.
Anansi the spider is tricked by a turtle.

Are You a Spider? by Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries.
A simple book written to highlight the basic characteristics of spiders.

Be Nice to Spiders by Margaret Bloom Graham.
What happens at the zoo when they clean out all the spider webs?  A classic book which teaches the good that spiders do.

Do All Spiders Spin Webs? by Melvin and Gilda Berger.
This book is filled with questions about spiders and provides the answers.  Best used as a reference book.

I Wonder What It's Like to Be a Spider by Erin M. Hovanec.
Good factual information and photographs.

The Magic School Bus Spins a Web by Joanna Cole.
Ms. Frizzle's class learns all about spiders!

Miss Spider Book Series by David Kirk.
Best suited for young children.

Spiders by Gail Gibbons.
Contained in this book are lots of spider facts and vocabulary.

Spiders Are Not Insects (Rookie Read-About Science) by Allan Fowler.
Simple information accompanies great photographs of different types of spiders.

Spider's Lunch: All About Garden Spiders by Joanna Cole.
Touches on topics of catching prey in webs, laying eggs, and spiderlings ballooning off to new homes.

Tarantulas by Louise Martin.
A factual book on this hairy spider.

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle.
Engaging story for young children with repetitive text.

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