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Polar Bear Day

Polar Bears Alive - A nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of Polar Bears.  The site contains lots of good information and photographs of polar bears.

The Bear Den - This link will take you directly to a fact sheet on polar bears.  This site is sponsored by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association.

Sea World Education Department - Polar Bears - A wealth of information on the polar bear!

Encarta Encyclopedia - Polar Bear - Concise, factual information on the polar bear.

Nature - Great White Bear - Information presented by PBS's Nature Program entitled "Great White Bear".

GeoZoo - Polar Bears - This site is geared toward children making the definitions and explanations easy to understand.

Arctic Animals - This site contains information on all types of arctic animals.

Polar Bears - Lots of good lesson plan ideas on polar bears.

The Bear by Raymond Briggs.
A little girl has an interesting house guest!

A Boy and A Bear: The Children's Relaxation Book by Lori Lite.
A very calming book.  May be used at the end of the Movement Lesson in order to relax.

Great Crystal Bear by Carolyn Lesser.
Poetic as well as informational on the year in the life of a Polar Bear.  Most appropriate for older children.

Klondike & Snow : The Denver Zoo's Remarkable Story of Raising Two Polar Bear Cubs by David Kenny et. al.
Interesting and educational for the older children.

Little Polar Bear, Take Me Home! by Hans De Beer.
One in a series of well loved books.

Little Polar Bear Finds a Friend by Hans De Beer.
Another series book.

Polar Bear : Growing Up in the Icy North (Reader's Digest All-Star Readers Level 3) by Sarah Jane Brian.
Follows two bear cubs growing up.

A Polar Bear Journey by Debbie S. Miller.
Follow a mother and two Polar Bear cubs through a year in their life together.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? by Eric Carle.
A classic book on animal sounds.  Most appropriate for younger children.

Polar Bears (A New True Book) by Emilie U. Lepthien.
Filled with facts!

Polar Bear: Habitats, Life Cycles, Food Chains, Threats by Malcolm Penny.
Full of good information and photographs on Polar Bears.

Polar Bears Past Bedtime (Magic Tree House 12, paper) by Mary Pope Osborne.
The main character get transported to the Arctic and have to solve a riddle.

Snow Bear by Jean Craighead George.
An Arctic adventure between an Eskimo child and a Polar Bear.


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