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 Pizza Day

Setting the Stage:
If possible, plan a pizza party to finish off this fun day.  The pizza may either be made by the class, or ordered from a local restaurant.

Nuttin' But Kids - Links to some pizza songs.

Time for Kids - An article on the most popular pizza toppings.

The History of Pizza - Find out about the roots of pizza.

About Pizza - Includes recipes, the history, and links about pizza.

Curious George and the Pizza by Margaret Rey.
This time George gets in trouble when he tries making a pizza.

Extra Cheese, Please! : Mozzarella's Journey from Cow to Pizza by Cris Peterson.
Introduces the students to cheese making.  Follows the process from the dairy farm to the top of a pizza.

Hold the Anchovies: A Book About Pizza! by Shelley Rotner.
Real photographs accompany this nonfiction book about how a pizza is made.  Good to use in a science lesson on the different food groups.

Hi, Pizza Man! by Virginia Walter.
A little girl and her mother imagine what type of delivery person/animal is going to show up at their door.

The King of Pizza : A Magical Story About the World's Favorite Food by Sylvester Sanzari.
This king has goes on an adventure to discover pizza.

Little Nino's Pizzeria by Karen Barbour.
A father learns a lesson about spending time with his family when he closes down his small pizzeria to open a fancy restaurant.  

The Little Red Hen: (Makes a Pizza) by Philemon Sturges.
An updated version of the original Little Red Hen fable.

Pete's a Pizza by William Steig.
A little boy is cheered by his father's fun imagination!  He turns his son, Pete, into a pizza.

Pizza Party (Hello, Reader, Level 1, Preschool-Grade 1) by Grace MacCarone.
An early reader about a pizza party.

Pizza Pat by Will Terry.
A cumulative story similar to "The House the Jack Built".

The Pizza that We Made by Joan Halub.
This easy reader follows three friends as they make a pizza from scratch.  Included is a recipe.

Sam's Pizza: Your Pizza to Go by David Pelham.
From the same author of Sam's Sandwich, this pop-up book hides some interesting toppings.

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