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Heart Day

Encarta Encyclopedia - The entry for "heart".

The Heart: An Online Exploration - This site offers a wealth of information, diagrams, and actual photographs of the heart.  Most of the material will need to be put in simpler terms for young children.

All About the Heart - This site is sponsored by Kidshealth.Org and contains great information and diagrams geared towards kids.

Valentine Fun at Kids' Domain - A wide variety of Valentine activities, including printable puzzles, online games, crafts, recipes, etc.

American Heart Association - Contains information on the Jump Rope for Heart fundraising event.

Many of these books deal with having a passion, a specific trait, or loving someone/something.  They have been included to use for lessons suggested in the language arts area.

The Circulatory System by Helen Frost.
A very simple book on the path of the blood.

Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney.
A father rabbit explains his love to his young rabbit.

Hear Your Heart by Paul Showers.
This book is a great introduction to the heart.  It includes diagrams, activities and good information.

Heart of a Tiger by Marsha Diane Arnold.
A small kitten earns the name "Heart of a Tiger" by being brave.

I Like Me by Nancy Carlson.
A young pig lists all the traits she likes about herself.

I Love You With All My Heart by Noris Kern.
A young polar bear learns about his mother's unending love.

I'll Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.
The story of a mother and the love for her son.

In the Heart by Ann Warren Turner.
Plays on the term "the heart of the..."  For example, "The heart of the town is my school."  Would lead to an excellent lesson on brainstorming the "hearts" of different places and times.

The Jewel Heart by Barbara Helen Berger.
The story of a friendship between a clown and a ballerina.  The clown has a jewel for a heart which becomes lost.  The ballerina then helps rejuvenate a new heart for the clown.

The Music in Derrick's Heart by Gwendolyn Battle-Lavert.
A young boy learns to play the harmonica from his uncle.

My Heart by Kathy Furgang.
A nonfiction book about the heart.

My Mama Had a Dancing Heart by Libba Moore Gray.
A beautiful story about a mother and daughter dancing their way through the seasons.

True Heart by Marissa Moss.
This book epitomizes following your heart to fulfill your dreams.  It is the story of young girl in 1893 wanting to become a train engineer.

Include any variety or Valentine books as well!!


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