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Bubble Day

BubbleTown - A site filled with bubble activities, recipes, games, and more!

BubbleSphere - Another great site with solution recipes, activities, and links to other bubble site.

Exploratorium - Good, sophisticated information on bubbles.

Science Museum of Minnesota - Answers bubble questions through experiments and activities.

Bubble-Mania - A site used to promote the services of a bubble program to be brought to your school.  However, there is also good information as well.

The Art and Science of Bubbles - A section of the Soap and Detergent Association especially for kids.  Filled with fun activities perfect for young children!

Benny's Big Bubble (Picture Readers)  by Jane O'Connor.
A little boy blows a huge bubble and it takes off on an airborne trip around his neighborhood.

Bubble Trouble (Rookie Reader) by Joy N. Hulme.
A rhyming easy reader.

Bubble Trouble (My Hello First Reader With Flash Cards) by Mary Packard.
Rhyming text about a day filled with bubbles!

The Magic Bubble Trip by Ingrid Schubert.
A boy goes on a trip inside a bubble and ends up in a land of frogs.

Soap Science by J.L. Bell.
A science book of experiments all involving soap and/or bubbles.

Strega Nona Takes a Vacation by Tomie dePaola.
When Strega Nona takes a much needed vacation, Big Anthony accidentally floods the town with bubbles!

The Unbelievable Bubble Book by John Cassidy.
Includes a toy to create huge bubbles.  Also has history, science and information on bubbles.

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