A Collection of Day-Long Thematic Units


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Acorn Day - A fun day to plan in the fall.  Acorns can be used for a wide variety of fun, hands-on learning!

Apple Day - Great to use at the beginning of the year.  May be inserted into a longer theme on Apples, Trees, or Seeds.

Bat Day - Terrific day to use around Halloween or as part of a unit on mammals or nocturnal animals.

Beach Day -  Whether you do this day in the dead of winter to warm up, or close to the end of the school  year, students will have fun learning in this festive atmosphere!

Bubble Day - It's amazing how much learning can be done with bubbles.  The students will love the hands-on activities.  This day may want to be planned during a warmer month to get outside and get blowing!

Butterfly Day - From egg, to caterpillar, to butterfly, the changes this insect endures lends to lots of learning!  A fun day to have in the spring.

Chameleon Day - These creatures fascinate young people.  Lots of good learning for colors and camouflage!

Chocolate Day - A fun day to plan around Valentine's Day.

Cloud Day - Get the students to look up above and learn through the clouds.  This day may be inserted as part of a longer unit on weather.

Cookie Day - A fun day to have around the holidays when everyone is busy baking cookies!  

Dolphin Day - These intelligent creatures provide a good basis for a wide variety of fun lessons.

Earth Day - You may wish to correlate this day along with the celebrated Earth Day or use it any time of year to learn more about our planet!  It may easily be inserted with a unit on the planets.

Egg Day - From Language Arts to Movement lessons, eggs are a great learning tool.  Use this day to correlate with the coming of Spring or as part of a unit on animals that lay eggs.

Flag Day - This day may come in handy when working on citizenship.  What do flags stand for and what does the United States flag mean to our country?

Flower Day - Watch your students blossom as they learn through a day of flowers!  A wonderful day to plan in the spring or around Mother's day.

Frog Day - Frogs are a popular subject in the younger grades.  Students will love hopping through this day!

Gingerbread Day - A great day to plan around the holidays or any time of year.  

Hat Day - This day can be used near the beginning of the year when students are getting to know one another.  It can be a silly ice-breaker and easily inserted in a longer "All About Me" unit.

Heart Day - A wonderful day to incorporate into February's plans.  Lots of valentine fun as well as good learning about our hearts and how to take care of them!

Ice Cream Day - A super day to have as summer vacation nears.  The students will learn amazing facts about this favorite dessert as well as participate in a number of hands-on activities.

Kite Day - A fun day to have in the spring or fall when the students can get outside and fly their own creations!

Ladybug Day - Your students will learn through these amazing insects and all they have to offer.

Lamb Day - This fun day can be done in combination with Lion Day for the month of March.

Leaf Day - Falling leaves make for fun hands-on activities.  Plan this day in the Fall when there are lots of colorful leaves to choose from!

Lion Day - This day may be planned in combination with Lamb Day for the month of March.

Mitten Day - Have everyone wear a pair of mittens to school and engage in a super warm day of learning!

Monkey Day - Students will love to learn while they "monkey around"!  Plan this day as part of an animal or rainforest unit.

Moon Day - From science to literature, moon activities abound!  Use these unique activities to teach an exciting mini-unit on the moon.  You may want to insert it as part of a longer unit on space.

Pancake Day - Kids will "flip" over the fun activities planned for this day.  

Penguin Day - These appealing creatures are both fascinating and fun!  Everyone can wear black and white to school and learn the day away!

Picnic Day - Head outside for a class picnic in one of the warmer months or have an indoor picnic on the floor of the classroom.  A perfect day to plan as the culmination of a unit on food or at the end of the school year.

Pig Day - A fun day to teach any time of year!  Pigs are in a wide variety of  literature as well as being a means to teach other subjects.

Pizza Day - Kids love to eat pizza and learning will easily become a part of this yummy day!

Polar Bear Day - These lovable creatures make students smile.  A whole day of polar bear activities is sure to please everyone!  Many teachers plan units on bears and this day would be a perfect fit!

Popcorn Day - An inexpensive, yet motivating learning tool!  Students love to eat as they learn!

Potato Day - Potatoes rank as Americans' favorite vegetable.  Explore a fun day of learning using this popular food!

Pumpkin Day - Similar to apples, this is a good day to use in the Fall.  Take advantage of the season and do lots of hands-on learning with pumpkins in the classroom!

Rabbit Day - The students will hop through this fun day to plan for the spring!

Rain Day - A great day to plan in the Spring - learn through April Showers!

Rainbow Day - From simple concepts, such as colors, to the more complex lesson of light refraction, rainbows are fun for children!  This day may be used as a review of the colors in the younger grades or as part of a light or weather unit in the older grades.

Rock Day - Lots of learning can happen with the assistance of rocks.  Have everyone bring in their own "pet rock" and let the lessons begin!

Scarecrow Day - These friendly fellows lead to lots of fun learning!  Have this day in the fall around harvest times.

Shoe Day - Students will love the whimsy of this fun day.  Good to use anytime of year, or as an ice breaker in the Fall.

Snow Day - Brighten a cold winter day with these fun lessons!

Spider Day - A great day to have in the Fall, or to insert in a unit on arachnids!

Star Day - Many students love to learn through the stars.  You will love teaching this day and all its creative lessons!

Train Day - Keep your students on track to learn with the help of trains!  May be planned anytime of year, or done around the holidays in conjunction with a reading of The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg.

Turkey Day - Have this fun day around the Thanksgiving holiday or plan it as part of a unit on birds.


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