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Mitten Day

If possible, have all the students wear a pair of mittens to school on this planned day.

The Mitten - Unit of Practice - Ideas for lesson plans to correlate with Jan Brett's The Mitten.

JanBrett.Com - Lots of great activities to do at this site, which all revolve around Jan Brett's books.

Teacher Cyberguide - This site provides activities that combine using the internet and Jan Brett's The Mitten.

Preschool Printables - Provides templates for making a matching file folder game.  The game can be modified for older students.

Any of the Links on the Snow Day Home Page


The Jacket I Wear in the Snow by Shirley Neitzel.
This cumulative story follows all the clothing that must be put on in order to play in the snow.

The Mitten Tree by Candace Christiansen.
A woman anonymously knits mittens for children waiting at a bus stop.  She leaves them on a tree for the children to find.

The Mitten by Alvin Tresselt.
This classic Ukrainian folktale is told about a variety of animals trying to warm up inside a little boy's mitten.

The Mitten by Jan Brett.
Another version of the classic story.

The Missing Mitten Mystery by Steven Kellogg.
A little girl relives her day's adventures trying to fine her lost mitten.  She also fantasizes about where her mitten may be!

Missing Mittens by Stuart J. Murphy.
A farmer is unable to locate the proper number of mittens to keep his animals warm.  Great for a math lesson on even and odd numbers!

M is for Mitten: A Michigan Alphabet by Annie Appleford.
An alphabet book that covers material pertinent to the state of Michigan.

The Old Man's Mitten: A Ukrainian Tale by Yevonne Pollock.
Similar to the story The Mitten, a host of animals attempt to squeeze inside a lost mitten.


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