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Lion Day

Lion Day and Lamb Day can be done in the month of March for keeping track of lion and lamb weather days!

KidsPlanet - A fact sheet about the African Lion.

National Geographic Kids - A great site which includes information, a map, video and audio clips.

Big Cats Online - Provides good information for teachers to share with the students.

Lion Research - A good site with information and photographs.

The Big Zoo - This site is geared towards kids and includes an audio clip and glossary of lion related terms.

The Kingdom of Lions - Features a list of lions in literature, including a sampling of short stories.

Savannah Safari - This link leads to a web quest about different safari animals.  Click on the picture of the lion to gather information.

Andy and the Lion by James Daugherty.
In this classic book a young boy demonstrates kindness in removing a thorn from a lion's paw.

Dandelion by Don Freeman.
This classic book teaches the lesson to be yourself!

Eli by Bill Peet.
A grumpy old lion makes friends with an unlikely group of birds.

Ella and the Naughty Lion by Anne Cottringer.
A misbehaved lion moves in to Ella's house at the same time her new baby brother comes home from the hospital.

Herbert the Lion by Clare Turlay Newberry.
This is the story of a little girl and her pet lion.  Where will her family live as the lion grows up and begins to frighten others?

Hooray for Grandma Jo! by Thomas McKean.
A grandmother loses her glasses and mistakes a lion for her grandson.  They become fast friends and she saves the lion by returning him to the zoo.

How do you Lift a Lion? by Robert E. Wells.
A great book to use in a science lesson on simple machines.

The Life Cycle of a Lion by Bobbie Kalman.
This book contains lots of information and would be well used as a reference.

Lion by Bill Jordan.
A great reference book, including information on lion habitats, life cycles, food chains and threats.

The Lion and the Little Red Bird by Elisa Kleven.
The story of a special friendship.

The Lion and the Mouse: an Aesop Fable by Bernadette Watts.
The familiar story of reciprocating kindness.

Lions: A First Discovery Book by Scholastic.
This book features lots of good lion facts and interesting see-through pages.

The Lion's Share by Chris Conover.
A young winged lion learns the magic of reading and books.

Ups and Downs with Lion and Lamb by Barbara Brenner and William H. Hooks.
One in a series of easy readers about a friendship between a lion and lamb.

We're Going on a Lion Hunt by David Axtell.
This story puts a twist on the familiar We're Going on a Bear Hunt chant.

Young Lions by Toshi Yoshida.
Three young lions venture out on their first hunting expedition.  They learn many new things, especially that they have more to learn.  Wonderful illustrations.

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