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Frog Day

Encarta Encyclopedia - Good factual information on frogs.

Froggy Page - Contains facts, pictures, songs, jokes, and more on frogs!

Frogland! - Information, games, pictures, and even a teacher's corner.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (for kids) - Lots of frog facts and information on how pollution is affecting frogs and their population.

Frogs and Toads in Color and Sound - Great photographs as well as sounds from a wide variety of frogs!

A Cache of Jewels and Other Collective Nouns by Ruth Heller.
This book is used in the Social Studies Lesson.

An Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni.
Three frogs find an egg and assume it has hatched into a chicken.  Aren't they surprised when they find out it's not a chicken at all!

Fantastic Frogs! (Hello Reader, Level 2) by Fay Robinson.
An informative book at just the right level for K-2.

It's a Frog's Life: My Story of Life In a Pond : Nature's Secrets Series by Steve Parker.
A journal from a frog's point of view!  It even includes frog's photos and journals.

The Frog Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta.
The alphabet is used to list the different types of interesting frogs and other amphibians.

Frogs by Gail Gibbons.
In classic Gail Gibbons style this book is informative and engaging for young children.  It covers the frog life cycle, feeding habits, and habitats.

From Tadpole to Frog (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out-Science) by Wendy Pfeffer.
A good introduction to the frog life cycle.

The Icky Sticky Frog by Dawn Bentley.
A humorous read-aloud book.  It includes a sticky frog tongue on the front cover!

The Magic School Bus Hops Home: A Book About Animal Habitats by Patricia Relf.
Ms. Frizzle's class follows a bull-frog and learns about the frog's habitat.

The Mysterious Tadpole (A Pied Piper Book) by Steven Kellogg.
A little boy waits for his pet tadpole to grow into a frog!

Ready, Set, Hop (Mathstart Series) by Stuart J. Murphy.
Great book to use with a math lesson.  However, it does deal with different size hops - not equal distances for measurement.

Tuesday by David Wiesner.
A 1992 Caldecott Medal Book.  An almost wordless book that depicts frogs departing on their lily pads for a magical evening journey.



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