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Earth Day

The Nine Planets - Information and photos of the planet Earth.

Earth From Space - Photographs of Earth as seen from space.

Astronomy for Kids - Some basic information on the planet Earth as well as the other planets.

Earth and Moon Viewer - More good photos of Earth from space.

Helpful Hints for Planet Earth - Activities for taking care of Earth.

Children of the Earth United - An environmental education site.

Dinopal Tips to Save the Earth  - Simple things kids can do to help the Earth.

EEK! - Environmental Education for Kids.

Atlas of the Earth (A First Discovery Book), Scholastic Inc.
Transparent pictures take the readers on a tour of the Earth inside and out.

Earth (A True Book) by Larry Dane Brimner.
Full of information and photographs.

The Earth and the Universe : How the Sun, Moon, and Stars Cause Changes on Earth (The Universe) by Miquel Perez.
The relationship between the Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars.

For the Love of Our Earth by P.K. Hallinan.
A book about taking care of planet Earth.

Look Inside Earth (Poke and Look) by Gina Ingoglia.
Die-cut pages allow students to delve into the different layers of the earth.

Planet Earth: Inside Out by Gail Gibbons.
Good factual information on Earth and its layers.

What's the Earth Made Of? (Starting Point Science Series) by Susan Mayes.
Another look inside the Earth.

You're Aboard Spaceship Earth (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out-Science) by Patricia Lauber.
Relates being on planet Earth to being on a spaceship. Touches on the topics of available resources and their cycles. 

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