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Dolphin Day

David's Whale and Dolphin Watch - This site has information, great photographs, and dolphin sounds!

Enchanted Learning - Great site for activities, printouts, and lesson plan ideas all relating to dolphins.

Scholastic - Dolphins - This site is a must see for lots of good information, activities, and links.

The National Marine Mammal Laboratory's Education Web Site - This site contains information on cetaceans, which includes whales, dolphins and porpoises.

Cetacea - Filled with information on all different species of dolphins.

Time for Kids - An article about dolphins being able to recognize themselves in mirrors.

Sea World - An abundance of information about bottlenose dolphins.

Marine Mammal Vocalizations - Hear dolphins click and whistle!

Discovering Whales and Dolphins by Janet Craig.
A quality nonfiction book filled with information and illustrations.

Dolphin (An I Can Read Book) by Robert Ada Morris.
Follows the birth and the first months of a baby bottle-nosed dolphin.

Dolphins (Animals of the Oceans) by Judith Hodge.
A good nonfiction book about dolphins.

Dolphins! by Sharon Bokoske and Margaret Davidson.
An easy reader with lots of interesting information about dolphins.

Dolphins for Kids by Patricia Corrigan.
This book touches on the many different kinds of dolphins.

Friendly Dolphins (Rookie Read-About Science) by Allan Fowler.
A nonfiction book about dolphins which also provides information on porpoises and whales.

Splash! A Book About Whales and Dolphins by Melvin and Gilda Berger.
A Hello Reader book divided into chapters, one of which is exclusively about dolphins.

Whales Can Sing and Other Amazing Facts About Sea Mammals (I Didn't Know That) by Kate Petty.
Another nonfiction book!

Whales and Dolphins by Peter and Connie Roop.
An easy reader with very simple text.  A good book for the children to read independently.

Whales and Dolphins by J.I. Anderson.
This book covers different types of whales and dolphins, their physical characteristics, eating habits, etc.

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