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Acorn Day

If you live in an area with acorns, have the students bring in a small collection of acorns for study and activities.

Acorns for Rent - This link discusses an insect called the Acorn Weevil.  There is information, pictures, and activities to be done with acorn that house insects.

Growing Oaks from Seed - Good, detailed information on planting acorns.  

The World of Squirrels and Acorns - This site is designed for children and explores the relationship between squirrels and acorns.

Seeds, Nuts, and Fruit - This site discusses seed dispersal, including acorns.

Acorn Magic by Maggie Stern.
A little boy goes on a camping adventure and believes he has found a "magic acorn".

From Acorn to Oak Tree by Jan Kottke.
A simple, nonfiction book about the growth of acorns.  Includes photographs as well.

The Boy Who Dreamed of an Acorn by Leigh Casler.
The story of a Native American boy who learns the special inner gifts he has inside of himself.

How a Seed Grows by Helene J. Jordan.
This "Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science Book" discusses what a seed needs to grow.  There is also mention of acorns growing into oak trees.

Polly and the Acorn by Jean Hadley.
This book follows the growth of a little girl in comparison to the growth of an oak tree.

The Tiniest Acorn by Marsha T. Danzig.
The story of a tiny acorn and its feelings of insignificance.

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